Variable Speed Polymer Injection Tank

Tecumseh Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality horizontal decanting centrifuges and other dewatering equipment.

Not only does Tecumseh manufacture and sell the best centrifuges in the business, we also offer other high quality components required for dewatering, floc water drilling, and other solids control applications to help meet budget and process needs.

Our years of experience have enabled us to apply our knowledge to design refinements, which have increased equipment reliability and performance. We truly are the experts!

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Tank Specifications:

  • 2 compartment 1850 US gallon total capacity (925 US gallon / compartment)
  • 2 – euro-drive agitators c/w 2 – A&B 609
  • 2 – chemical mixing hoppers
  • 2 – variable speed polymer injection pumps (customer’s spec if desired)
  • Available with DC and AC variable pump drives (customers choice)
  • Available with steam trace for winter operation (if required)
  • Available with pump enclosures for winter operation (if required)
  • 2” fill line for quick filling
  • Tank can accommodate 208 volt or 480 volt power
  • For non-hazardous locations
  • Mounted on oilfield skid and equipped with lifting lugs for easy handling
  • All Tecumseh polymer injection tanks come painted with powder coat or Endura enamel to the color and coating of customer’s choice.
  • Round style two compartment polymer injections tanks are also available.
  • All tecumseh polymer tanks are constructed with carbon steel.
  • Tuthill gear pumps are Tecumseh’s standard pump spec.
  • Option tool boxes /junk baskets are available mounted on tank skid.
  • Polymer tanks come with a fold down walk way and stairs mounted on one side.
  • Polymer tanks can be custom built to meet customer’s spec. if required (i.e. injection pumps, agitators, AC/DC variable drives, etc. of customer’s choice).

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