Solids Control Plant Applications

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Tecumseh has years of experience applying our solids control technology to plants and facilities in many other areas and industries in addition to the Oil & Gas sector.

We have applied our equipment and technology to Gas Compressor Facilities, Treatment, Recovery, & Disposal facilities, and Food Processing facilities with the aim to help solve some of the key challenges our customer’s face with their processes today. These challenges include produced water disposal, bio reactor solids overloading, and cost effective solutions for the disposal of slop oil, drilling fluid, sump water, etc. Tecumseh can help with almost any problem that consists of solids and waste fluid separation.

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Produced Water Disposal:

Do any of your Oil & Gas fields produce copious amounts of water? If they do, we may have a solution for you.

We have applied our patented technology to facilities where a large amount of water is produces from production zones.

We have been able to assist our customers in effectively disposing of this produced water by means of disposal well injection. Without our technology, this would not be possible due to the high solids content in the produced water stream.

In most cases, injection / disposal wells don’t react overly well to solids laden slurry injection. In these scenarios, the disposal well formation may become plugged off with solids creating extremely costly problems and may result in a disposal well that is virtually unusable.

Solids control in alternative industries

With our patented dewatering technology, we are able to remove the solids from produced water streams allowing operators to dispose of the waste water by injecting the water into disposal wells. This process essentially saves operators significant amounts of money due to the reduced trucking costs and waste disposal costs associated with expensive disposal facilities.

Solids control in produced water disposal
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Oilfield Waste Disposal Facilities

Oilfield waste disposal facilities were the first type of facility to have Tecumseh’s full variable speed centrifuge technology applied to solids control.

Solids control using a centrifuge to process oilfield waste

These facilities are designed to handle anything and everything as far as oilfield waste is concerned. Most often, these types of facilities receive drilling fluids, slop oils, waste water, produced water, haydo-vac material etc.

The disposal process is designed to segregate the oil, water, and solids phases from waste streams. Once each phase has been separated, each can be disposed of properly. In some cases, the oil can be remarketed, the solids are hauled to a landfill, and the water is either re-used for tank cleaning, or injected down disposal wells.

The disposal process is designed to segregate the oil, water, and solids phases from waste streams

With the addition of Tecumseh’s full variable speed centrifuges to the waste disposal process, separation of each phase is way more efficient allowing for a much higher quality finished product.

Due to the full variable speed capability, the centrifuges can be adjusted and fine-tuned to perform at optimum performance on a variety of different waste streams.

Solids control in the food processing industry
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Food Processing Industry

Tecumseh has also applied our full variable speed centrifuge technology to the food processing industry. This goes to show, there is no end to rage of applications where Tecumseh technology can be applied.

Other Areas of Application Include:

  • Distillers
  • Rendering
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cold Pressed Oil Production
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment
  • Pump & Paper
  • Sump Cleaning

If you have slurry separation challenge, please give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you find a solution!