Decanter Centrifuges Manufactured to the Highest Standard

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Tecumseh Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges are by far the best on the market. What makes our centrifuges so superior is the high standard of quality control practices that all Tecumseh employees follow.

Our centrifuges are all manufactured using the latest in cutting edge technology. All rotating assemblies are CNC machined from solids stainless steel, which ensures a superior finished product and consistency.

All other components and parts of our centrifuges are either cut using water jet or laser cutting technology, which provides us with the highest quality parts and pieces before construction begins. This process guarantees a perfect fit every time and is why Tecumseh centrifuges have such a prominent reputation for the best “Fit & Finish” in the business.

Tecumseh manufactures Decanter Centrifuges to the highest standard with features contributing to operator safety, reliability, performance, and flexibility

. Some of these features include the following:

  • Lid springs for safe and easy lifting of the centrifuge lid
  • Optional “Axial Flow” or “Radial Flow” conveyor designs (depending on application).
  • Greaseable main bearings and conveyor bearings with a life span of 100,000 hours of running time.
  • Main bearing temperature sensors for reduced bearing failure and fire prevention.
  • Vibration sensors for safety and equipment damage prevention.
  • Easily adjustable pool ports for easy performance optimization.
  • Easily replaced wear parts to keep maintenance time and costs to a minimum.
  • Come powder coated for superior corrosion protection
  • Optional variable speed control systems allowing for an auger to bowl differential speed ranging from 10 to 90 differential RPM.
  • A number of different drive options including:
    • Complete Full Variable Speed Drives
    • Fixed 2 Speed Main & Fixed 2 Speed Conveyor Drives
    • Fixed 2 Speed Main & Fixed Conveyor Drives
    • All Drive Options are available in Nema 3 up to Class 1, Div.1
  • Over torque protection systems that are easy to reset and maintain.
  • Sintered Tungsten Carbide hard surfacing on all wear areas.
  • Narrow skid designs which makes for a compact centrifuge and small footprint.
  • Optional complete full variable speed drive systems.
  • Custom control systems, automation and programming designed for specific application requirements.
  • Flights and accelerators plates are constructed with the best hard surfacing available for a long life span.
  • A feed zone designed to withstand the most abrasive solids encountered (feed box type fed zone).
  • We are the “Solids Control Experts”!