Premix Tank / Clear Water Drilling

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To help assist you further with solving many of the key challenges associated with drilling operations today, Tecumseh has designed another single skid processing / premixing system built for pre-hydrating drilling mud while allowing you to drill ahead on your floc water sections.

Premix tank

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This premix tank is a single load system that includes a lot of the same features as our “Tec Tank” centrifuge system but, also adds premixing capabilities into the equation. This system includes the following:

  • A built in centrifuge stand that accommodates one or two centrifuges (centrifuges don’t need to be removed for transport)
  • 3 – premixing compartments for pre-hydrating drilling mud before mud up
  • Mixing pump and mixing hopper
  • Agitators in each premix compartment
  • A mud row (gun line)
  • 2 – Compartment polymer injection tank
  • Accommodates
    • 2 – Centrifuges
    • 2 – Centrifuge feed pumps
    • 2 – Centrifuge control panels

    With our compact and innovative design, we are able to reduce your trucking costs and space used on location by integrating the floc tank, premix tank, and centrifuges into one easily moved load.

    This system is coupled to the rig using an “Aero Union” / trough system, which aids in voiding any contamination into the rig tanks during the water section.

    premix tank
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    How This System Works

    All of the flow from under the shakers is directed into the clear water drilling compartment of the system where the centrifuge feed pump suctions are located.

    Polymer is then injected into the centrifuge feed pumps at the suction as well as into the slurry stream coming off the rig shakers.

    From the shakers the flocculated slurry stream enters the custom designed flocculation compartment of the processing system and is then introduced into the centrifuge feed pumps through the feed pump suctions located at the bottom of the flocculation compartment.

    This system is capable of handling volumes of up 2.2m3/min with ROP’s reaching 100m/hr (using two centrifuges).

    While drilling of the water section is proceeding, you have the ability to pre-mix up to 40m3 of mud in the two remaining unused compartments of the system. This allows you to have mud ready for displacement at mud-up.

    The option to utilize all three compartments for pre-mix after the water section is complete is another huge benefit.

    premix tank on a single skid
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    System Specifications:

    Length: 55′

    Width: 12’6”

    Height with centrifuges: 12’10”

    Number of compartments: 3
    (not including sand trap)

    Size of compartments: 20 m3

    Total tank volume: 60 m3

    Weight with centrifuges: 68,000 lbs.

    Weight without centrifuges: 45,000 lbs.

    Hp of mixing pump: 60 hp

    Pump type (mixing pump): Gorman Rupp U-4 Series

    Skimmers: In each tank

    Trough: Throughout

    Agitators: 2 back compartments