1655 Full Variable Speed Centrifuge

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1655 Full Variable Speed Centrifuge

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The TEC-1655-FVS centrifuge is a Full Variable Speed model, which provides operators with the ability to adjust operating parameters including the differential speed, bowl speed, and feed rates while the centrifuge is in operation.

Our 1655 Full Variable Speed centrifuge has the added benefit of a “direct drive” Conveyor drive assembly. With this new conveyor drive design, we have increased the efficiency of the conveyor drive motor significantly as well as eliminated any maintenance issues associated with utilizing belts and sheaves.

Flexibility, reliability and performance are attributes that all of our centrifuges come with. Tecumseh, we truly are the experts!

[tab title=”Centrifuge Applications:”]

  • Drilling Fluids Processing
  • Dewatering
  • Barite Recovery
  • Rendering
  • Waste Fluids Treatment
  • Recovery & Disposal
  • Produced Water Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sump Cleaning
  • Heavy Oil Drilling & Plant Processes
  • Distillers (Brewing Industry)

[tab title=”Processing Specifications”]

Maximum Hydraulic Capacity is 265 GPM/min. or 1 M3/min. (rated with water)
Maximum Rate of Solid Loading: 12,000 lbs/hour (6 tons/hour)

Operating Speeds for Oilfield Applications

Low Speed Operations for High Gravity solids removal (i.e. barite)
Bowl Speed: 1,480 – 2,000 RPM
Acceleration: 498 – 908 g
Differential: 40 – 60 RPM

High Speed Operations for Low Gravity solids removal (i.e. fine drilled solids)
Bowl Speed: 2,814 – 3,150 RPM
Acceleration: 1,800 – 2,254 g
Differential: 25 – 40 RPM

Maximum Safe Operating Speed
Bowl Speed: Max Recommend: 3,150 RPM
Acceleration @ 3,150 RPM: 2,254 G’s
Differential Range: 10 – 60 RPM

[tab title=”Other Specifications”]

Pool Port (pond) Adjustment
1 – 13 units of adjustment.

Beach Angle
10 degree beach angle

Flighting Pitch
110 mm(4.25 in.)

Maximum Safe Operating Conveyor Torque
36,000 in/lbs (2 stage gearbox)

Gearbox Ratio
53:1 (2 stage)

The following is a formula used to calculate ‘G’ force:
G = Bowl Diameter (in) X Bowl RPM2 X .0000142