1655 Fixed Main Variable Conveyor Centrifuge

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Tecumseh Industries Ltd. would like to introduce our TEC-1655-Fixed Main Variable Conveyor (FMVC) centrifuge. This centrifuge was developed with the aim to provide customers with a cost effective Class 1, Div. 1 option for utilization in “barite recovery” applications as well as normal solids control or “polishing” applications.

This centrifuge is equipped with a 2 speed main drive as well as with a 2 speed conveyor drive, which has turned the 1655 into a true performer!

The 2 main drive speeds are accomplished by using a 2 step sheave design with a 60hp explosion proof motor.

By simply changing the main drive belt configuration, operators can change the main drive operating speed to accommodate barite recovery (for high gravity solids) or polishing applications (for low gravity solids).

This model is available with an electronic soft start or a fluid coupling type soft start. Please note that the model with the fluid coupling has a larger footprint than our compact models.

The 2 conveyor drive speeds are accomplished by utilizing a forward/reverse motor contactor, which is used to change the direction of the conveyor drive motor allowing for 2 different differential or conveyor speeds. A 3rd differential speed can also be accomplished by simply locking out the conveyor drive assembly, which essentially turns the conveyor into a true “fixed” conveyor (same as our 1655 FMFC model).

This simple conveyor drive configuration eliminates costly electric motors with brakes and increases reliability. Parts are also readily available, and in most cases are “on the shelf”, which minimized downtime.

[tab title=”Centrifuge Applications”]

  • Drilling Fluids Processing
  • Dewatering
  • Barite Recovery
  • Rendering
  • Waste Fluids Treatment, Recovery, and Disposal
  • Produced Water Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Sump Cleaning
  • Heavy Oil Drilling and Plant Processes
  • Distillers (Brewing Industry)

[tab title=”Processing Specifications”]

Maximum Hydraulic Capacity is 265 GPM (with water)
Maximum Rated of Solid Loading: 12,000 lbs/hour (6 tons/hour)

Operating Speeds for Oilfield Applications

Low Speed Operations for High Gravity solids removal (i.e. barite)
Bowl Speed: 1,815 RPM (other speeds available)
Acceleration: 750 G’s
Differential: 57 RPM

High Speed Operations for Low Gravity solids removal (i.e. fine drilled solids)
Bowl Speed: 2,814 – 3,150 RPM
Acceleration: 1,800 – 2,255 G’s
Differential: 22 RPM

Maximum Safe Operating Speed
Bowl Speed: Max Recommend: 3,150 RPM
Acceleration @ 3,150 RPM: 2,255 G’s
Differential: 35 RPM (@ 3,150 RPM with conveyor in FWD)

[tab title=”Other Specifications”]
Pool Port (pond) Adjustment
1 – 13 units of adjustment.

Beach Angle
10 degree beach angle

Flighting Pitch
110mm (4.25 in.)

Maximum Safe Operating Conveyor Torque
100,000 in/lbs of torque

Gearbox Ratio
56:1 ratio

The following is a formula used to calculate ‘G’ force:
G = Bowl Diameter (in) X Bowl RPM2 X .0000142