Oilfield Services

 Tecumseh offers oilfield services in these areas:

1. Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing/Repair/Refurbishing

Tecumseh is an oilfield equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production of:

  • full variable speed horizontal decanting centrifuge packages
  • dewatering equipment
  • automated centrifuge packages
  • clear water drilling system
  • skid mounted Solids Control technology
  • sumpless Clearwater drilling technology

2. Custom Oilfield Equipment Design

Tecumseh designs oilfield service equipment including:

  • equipment for Solids Control
  • shale and cuttings dryers
  • premix tanks
  • premix and Clearwater processing tank combo’s
  • high and low wall shale tanks
  • centrifuge stands
  • solids unloading augers
  • plant processing equipment
  • polymer injection systems
  • surface tanks
  • skid mounted dewatering tanks
  • variable speed, automated control systems

3. Oilfield Equipment Rental

Tecumseh provides oilfield equipment rentals including:

  • decanting centrifuges
  • high wall and low wall shale tanks
  • rig matting
  • step down transformers
  • skid mounted transfer pumps.

Other items are available upon request including:

  • premix tanks
  • premix clear water processing tank combos
  • flare tanks
  • surface tanks
  • submersible trash pumps
  • submersible flygt pumps

4. Oilfield Hauling