Environmental Policy

A copy of this Environmental Policy is available to the public upon request.

Tecumseh is a specialized equipment manufacturer and oilfield service company focused on operations in the solids control and waste disposal sectors of the Oil & Gas industry. It is the intention of Tecumseh to operate its operations in compliance with applicable National, International, Federal, Provincial and Local environmental regulations. In addition, Tecumseh is committed to developing and implementing additional internal environmental protection requirements, where necessary, to protect the environment and the associated health and safety of its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and the public.

Tecumseh is committed to setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to work towards the goals of:

    • Producing and selling products that minimize the risk to both the environment and to human health.
    • Appropriate research and communication of known hazards associated with Tecumseh’s products and operations to persons who may be significantly affected by such hazards.
    • Minimization of discharges to the environment and continued waste reduction efforts.
    • Communicating relevant environmental information to our suppliers and customers.
    • Providing employee training programs to ensure an understanding of and dedication to Tecumseh’s commitment to environmental protection; and advising each officer, manager, supervisor and employee of applicable environmental protection requirements and holding them accountable for compliance with those requirements.

It is the responsibility of each Tecumseh employee to ensure that this policy is followed in both face and spirit. All personnel must be personally familiar with the environmental issues at his/her location and communicate this policy to all employees coming in contact with each said location. Corporate Environmental Management is available to assist and support the implementation of this environmental policy, and will commit the necessary time to ensure that the compliance programs are in place, and to manage this issue with the level of resolve and consideration appropriate to its importance.

This Policy will be reviewed at least annually as part of the Management Review to ensure it continues to be appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of Tecumseh’s activities, products and services.

If there are any questions regarding the interpretation of the application of this Environmental Policy, please contact the Office of General Counsel or the Environmental, Health, and Safety Department.