Brand Promise

At Tecumseh we promise … to find a better way.

In everything we do we seek to apply these brand promise values.

Tecumseh is Dedicated

We are dedicated to our families at home and at work. We will believe in our people and our products. That dedication will be felt by every customer we encounter. We will create a work environment that is fun with mutual respect for each other and what we bring to the table. There is a contagious energy in leading with confidence and taking ownership in the direction we provide. We are open and transparent in our relationships, our ideas and our communications.

Tecumseh is Innovative

We will continue to be a champion of invention in our never-ending quest to find a better way. We will challenge the status quo with our own technology and continue to explore new options. We will lead with quiet confidence.

Tecumseh is a Good Global Citizen

We are citizens of the world. We will be active members of our community for the greater good of our community. We will strive to maintain our path of understanding that critical balance of progress and preservation. We will endevour to educate our customers of the byproduct of our cost saving products – a clear conscious.

Tecumseh is Proud

We are proud of our people and proud of the work we do. There is something inherently invigorating about having created something and taking ownership of it. We maintain our self-respect by never compromising the quality of our products. We have built our foundation on it. We are not loud, or boastful — but it’s that down-to-earth strong spirit that makes people want to be picked for our team.